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CHECK OUT MY NEW SHOW! I've written and produced in multiple tv formats and genres, indie film, both musical and non-musical theater, and I am the author of three books. Click here for CREDITS. Click here for PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT.

LATEST NEWS: I'll direct the professional world premiere of my stage musical MR. CONFIDENTIAL (created with David Snyder based on my book) in May, 2023 at ACTORS THEATRE OF INDIANA. My pilot for THE SECRET WORLD OF DANNY LOPEZ was named a Writers Guild of America television comedy access project honoree but was also a drama winner at the New York Film Awards and a Content London International Drama Summit nominee for Best Pilot Script. I'm currently developing it as a series with John Rogers and Jen Court at Kung Fu Monkey Productions after they co-produced the project as a solo stage show in a sold-out run in Los Angeles in 2021.

My life and writing reflect the wild intersections of modern life. I was born to an undocumented Mexican mother who passed as white with a fake name and a Jewish father who allegedly sold arms to the Palestinians in Egypt, where we lived for a year when I was a kid. That was what my grandmother, his mother, always said he was up to. I should note that she was not always a reliable witness. All I remember is lots of mysterious men with dark, flashing eyes, coming and going at night. Those are my clearest early memories, being a gay Jewish 6-year-old surrounded by hot Muslims, without a clear way of expressing myself. I lived in my head a lot, spinning stories, as I grew up all over the world: Cairo, Honolulu, Austin, Phoenix, Albuquerque, New York, Los Angeles, and Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Bobbies Girl

Husband Ronald Shore and I have been together since 1994 and we co-founded BABYHEAD PRODUCTIONS in 1997. We've married each other three times now. The first was a non-legally binding ceremony performed by our rabbi in 1996 in LA (obviously, when we were but children). We married again in Canada in 2003 when it became legal there. Then for good measure we got legally married again in the United States in 2013 when Prop. 8 was struck down. We are exploring the possibility of marrying six more times on the six other continents. In 2016 I became a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) to a fantastic foster kid. You can meet him in a CASA video HERE. I have been a facilitator for LGBTQIA+ youth rap groups at the LA LGBT Center and headed a mentoring program for LAUSD high school writers. Ronald and I are currently being held hostage by three incorrigible DACHSHUNDS. Send help.

AWARDS: THE SECRET WORLD OF DANNY LOPEZ WGA Writers Access Program Honoree for Television Comedy; New York Film Awards Best Screenplay; Los Angeles Film Awards Best Comedy Screenplay; C21 International Drama Summit Nominee Best Drama Pilot Script ELEPHANT & CASTLE London Independent Film Award Best Screenplay, Special Commendation British Independent Film Festival Best Unproduced Screenplay BOBBIE'S GIRL GLAAD Nominee Best TV Film; Emmy Nomination Bernadette Peters; Advocate Top Ten Television Events of the Year LULU eLit Silver Medal; Finalist: Int’l Book Award; Finalist:Next Generation Indie Award SILENT LIES Houston Int’l Film Festival Gold; Charleston International Film Festival Silver MR. CONFIDENTIAL (non-fiction book) Hermes Best Non-Fiction; Foreword Book of the Year Finalist MR. CONFIDENTIAL (stage musical) Anna Sosenko Trust Grant; NYMF Individual Performance UNCOMMON HEROES American Library Association Stonewall Book Award.