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UPCOMING @ Actors Theatre of Indiana: Mr. Confidential OPENS APRIL 28th

More about Mr. Confidential THE SIZZLE STARTS HERE! When Bob Harrison creates Confidential Magazine in 1952, he gives the public something new: A fly-on-the-wall peek into the bedrooms and boardrooms of the rich, famous, and powerful; all with plenty of cheeky humor and innuendo. But he also offers something totally unexpected: The TRUTH. Notorized statements from multiple sources back him up every step of the way. Confidential quickly becomes the #1-selling magazine on American newstands. Soon Bob isn’t just TELLING the story, he IS the story, with headlines, scandals, and a wild ride of his own. TRUE STORIES are Bob’s currency. The modern 24-hour news cycle of scandal and half-truths is his legacy. Would he be happy if he were alive to see how things turned out all these years later? Maybe, maybe not. But he wouldn’t be at all surprised.

AWARDS: THE SECRET WORLD OF DANNY LOPEZ WGA Writers Access Program Honoree for Television Comedy; New York Film Awards Best Screenplay; Los Angeles Film Awards Best Comedy Screenplay; C21 International Drama Summit Nominee Best Drama Pilot Script ELEPHANT & CASTLE London Independent Film Award Best Screenplay, Special Commendation British Independent Film Festival Best Unproduced Screenplay BOBBIE'S GIRL GLAAD Nominee Best TV Film; Emmy Nomination Bernadette Peters; Advocate Top Ten Television Events of the Year LULU eLit Silver Medal; Finalist: Int’l Book Award; Finalist:Next Generation Indie Award SILENT LIES Houston Int’l Film Festival Gold; Charleston International Film Festival Silver MR. CONFIDENTIAL (non-fiction book) Hermes Best Non-Fiction; Foreword Book of the Year Finalist MR. CONFIDENTIAL (stage musical) Anna Sosenko Trust Grant; NYMF Individual Performance UNCOMMON HEROES American Library Association Stonewall Book Award.